Nails on a woman is quite the finishing touch in the beauty process and is often the cherry on top. Some overlook this cherry, some over-do this cherry, and unfortunately some don’t even worry about the cherry at all.

Nail polish is from the past and Gel Polish is from the future and the future is now. Say good bye to any fear of chipping, smudging or peeling as you leave the salon. With Gel Polish your nails are dry right away and will look fabulous and glossy for up to 21 days and beyond depending on how you use your hands. To compliment the nail procedure we recommend to add on Artistic’s Nail Strengthener which smoothes over any grooves in the nail as well as promotes healing and growth in the natural nail.

How many times have you been to a Nail salon and there are several rows of customers getting rushed in and out to make way for the next unfortunate customer. How many times have you been unhappy with your nails? The answer is definitely more than a few times, which is why at lady Gardener Beauty Studio we take the time and care with every customer to ensure a quality finish and shape of your nails. We also do not use any Gel Polish that has been tested on animals.

Nail hygiene is a top priority at Lady Gardener Beauty Studio which is why we never use a file, buff or cuticle stick on your nails that has been used on another person’s nails.

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