eyebrow tinting and sculpting

There are several thousand people we can all recognise if we see their face. Every persons face is unique and is their own brand and their canvas to portray to the world who they really are. Your eyebrows are a key facial feature that portray who you are to the world. Most people have some sort of idea of how they want their brows to look and can vaguely communicate it but the end product is always the result of how well the therapist can interpret your request and transform your brows into exactly what you want and what suits your facial shape and features. At Lady Gardener Beauty Studio, we take the extra time and care to exactly communicate your request in detail and relay that into how we transform your brows shape, definition, colour and density. With the help of various shades of tint and even the use of Henna we can transform your brows and match it with your vision or let the experts at Lady Gardener take control and transform them for you.

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